Peer review: how it works

Summary A peer reviewer is an expert in the area covered in a manuscript that they are evaluating. The whole process can take days or even months to complete. There are so many factors at play that can determine the length of the peer-review process. There are various types of peer review. Certain individuals are […]

Tips for exam revision

Summary Manage your time effectively. You don’t want to leave your exam revision to the night before because that’s asking for trouble. Get hold of some past exam papers and practice, practice, practice! Have a break and take a rest, there’s no use in burning out before the exam day. Lecture notes can be useful, […]

PhD viva: the defence

Summary The PhD viva is what stands between you and successfully completing your PhD research. In the UK, the PhD viva takes place behind closed doors with only you present with the chairperson, internal examiner and external examiner. Preparation for your viva needs to make sense. You should try to participate in a mock viva, […]

How to write a conclusion

Summary You can put together a robust conclusions section using some of the many formulae out there. They will guide you on how to write a conclusion. Use your discretion and decide what to include and what to leave out. Conclusions for dissertations, theses and research articles can be very different in content from your […]

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