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Ansar Editing and Consulting provide a grant proposal writing service that will help you secure the necessary funding. Whether you want to win a grant from a government department, charity or trust, Ansar Editing and Consulting can help.

You get to benefit from quick and easy access to support and personalised service to meet your needs when choosing the grant proposal writing service. Remember you gain easy access to help throughout the project via telephone, email or video chat.

Why choose Ansar Editing and Consulting to write your grant proposal?

  • Help from a seasoned professional with years of experience writing grant proposals the most recent of which secured 1.25 million euros.
  • Guaranteed to meet the specifications of your target funding body.
  • Perfect English will be used free from any spelling and grammatical errors.
  • High-quality writing skills that will convey your ideas to the assessors with great impact giving you the competitive edge and boosting your chances of success.
  • Easy access to help with the grant proposal writing service via telephone, email or video chat.

How to get started

Step 1 – Get in touch

An email inside an envelope to symbolise getting in touch about the  grant proposal writing service at Ansar Editing and Consulting.

Use the contact form and provide as much detail as you can about the grant proposal including a brief project description, budget information, target funding body, etc.

Step 2 – You get suggestions

A list on a notepad to symbolise Ansar Editing and Consulting sending work suggestions and  a quote for the grant proposal writing service.

You’ll be sent suggestions and ideas as to how Ansar Editing and Consulting can help you with writing your grant proposal alongside a quote.

Step 3 – Work begins!

A computer, desk lamp and coffee cup to symbolise work starting on the grant proposal writing service.

Once you’re happy with the proposed work, you’ll be sent an invoice. When terms are agreed, work begins.

While you’re here, check out this blog ‘How to write a grant proposal: tricks I learnt‘. Here’s a brief snippet:

“Grant proposal writing is a project in and of itself. Imagine, it’s a project to write a grant proposal to secure money for a project. Something I learnt in my time in industry: take the deadline and work back from that date to plan your tasks. For example, if the deadline is three months away you can start by dividing that time up to assign to vital tasks. For instance, you want to leave a couple of weeks before the deadline to review and revise your grant proposal. Allow your first two weeks for assembling your team or consortium. Now you have around 2 months in between that you can dedicate to writing the grant proposal splitting.”

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Experience with writing successful grant proposals to large governmental funding bodies and charities.
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