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High-quality and professional editing

I highly recommend the editing services at Ansar Editing and Consulting. As a PhD student, I had to write many research articles, reports as well as my final PhD thesis. Naser, with his expertise, attention to detail and guidance provided a high-quality review and editing of my work.

Mostapha Ariane, PhD - Technical and Modelling Manager

Naser was a pleasure to work with

I have had the great pleasure of working with Naser in the past on designing a master’s course. He has exceptional administrative, writing and editing skills as well as excellent project management.

Volodymyr Shentsov, PhD - Lecturer in Hydrogen Safety
Ulster University

English language editing and course designing are exceptional

Naser and I collaborated together to develop a master’s course. Moreover, he demonstrated strong project management and leadership skills. I highly recommend Naser’s English language editing and course designing skills.

Ioan Iordache, PhD - Senior Researcher
National Research and Development Institute for Cryogenic and Isotopic Technologies

Outstanding help

Naser had helped me design a university course. Also, his proofreading and editing skills were very useful and handy in designing an outstanding course.

Emanuele Giglio, PhD - Research Fellow
Politecnico di Torino

I really enjoyed working with Naser

Naser helped me considerably to prepare and finalise a series of technical documents and training courses. He reviewed not only the written language but also the content in a timely manner.

Marc Nelis, PhD - Development Engineer

High-level course designing

Naser and I worked together on an EU-funded project to build a master’s course on fuel cell and hydrogen technology. He helped me to language edit and write course content and we were able to prepare some really high-quality teaching material. His expertise in materials science, as well as fuel cell and hydrogen technology, helped our team to design a high-level course for PhD, MSc and vocational training.

Yashar S. Hajimolana, PhD - Assistant Professor
University of Twente
Naser Al-Mufachi
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