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Welcome to Ansar Editing and Consulting a UK-based service provider of proofreading & editing, course designing, grant proposal writing and science & engineering consultancy.

At Ansar Editing and Consulting, all your work is carried out by an experienced native English speaker educated to the level of PhD. You also get to benefit from a personalised service tailored to meet your needs alongside direct and easy access to support via telephone, email or video chat.

The aim is to provide a stellar customer experience by delivering top-quality results coupled with a reliable service. Take a look below to discover why you should choose Ansar Editing and Consulting. Also, visit the Services page to learn more about the services on offer.

Remember you can see what others have said on the Testimonials page. Check out one of the testimonials below:

“Naser helped me considerably to prepare and finalise a series of technical documents and training courses. He reviewed not only the written language but also the content in a timely manner.”

Marc Nelis, PhD – Development Engineer, Spa-Francorchamps

Why choose Ansar Editing and Consulting?

Picture of the seafront in Aberystwyth, Wales which is the location of Ansar Editing and Consulting.
Ansar Editing and Consulting originated in Aberystwyth, Wales.

The mission of Ansar Editing and Consulting is to provide its clients with a quality service that saves valuable time every time. My name is Naser Al-Mufachi and I am the owner of Ansar Editing and Consulting. I have spent years of my career writing technical reports for industry and academia, producing scientific articles, writing grant proposals, designing courses, peer-reviewing as well as grading coursework and exams.

All of this experience has given me the ability to explain complex concepts and effectively express myself on paper. This is why I firmly believe that Ansar Editing and Consulting will provide you with an unparalleled level of service. To do this, Ansar Editing and Consulting work by a set of values: accuracy, efficiency, consistency, attention to detail and intellectual honesty. These values help to ensure that work is carried out to an exceptional standard first-time saving clients precious time and money.

To learn more about these values, check out the blog ‘The origin of my values‘. Also, visit my YouTube channel to watch some of the latest videos featuring tips and advice on how to be successful at university and beyond.

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Naser in the past on designing a master’s course. He has exceptional administrative, writing and editing skills as well as excellent project management.”

Volodymyr Shentsov, PhD – Lecturer in Hydrogen Safety, Ulster University

“I highly recommend the editing services at Ansar Editing and Consulting. As a PhD student, I had to write many research articles, reports as well as my final PhD thesis. Naser, with his expertise, attention to detail and guidance provided a high-quality review and editing of my work.”

Mostapha Ariane, PhD – Technical and Modelling Manager, SAYENS
Text on paper corrected with red pen
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Industrial refinery
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Two people sitting at a desk with laptops discussing work
Proofreading and editing
to help you meet your aims, whether it be publishing a manuscript or winning that grant.
You can receive help with writing grant applications to better your chances of success.
You can also get assistance with course development at any level.
Ansar Editing and Consulting offer years of experience in industry
and academia
that can help add value to your business.
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