The origin of my values

Welcome to my blog where I will cover the values that I have adopted over the years which have helped me to be successful throughout my education and career and are something I believe will help me deliver quality for my clients.

The scientific method

But before diving into these core values let me expand on my story from the About page. I grew up in London and was always inquisitive from a young age wanting to understand the why and how of everything. As a child, I was naturally drawn to science. I liked to satisfy my curiosity and science was the way to do it. Take the scientific method for example:

  • Pick something you’re interested in and come up with a question.
  • Try to come up with a sensible answer to that question, that’s the hypothesis.
  • Then test your hypothesis using an appropriate experiment.
  • Make a record of the experimental results and observations which will form the data.
  • Draw a conclusion from the data through analysis.
  • Then tell everyone about your findings in a report.
Scientific equipment such as conical flasks, beakers and measuring cylinder on a table
The years I spent in the lab helped me to refine my approach to the scientific method.

The connection with my values

Now, let’s look at the values that I operate by: accuracy, efficiency, consistency, attention to detail and intellectual honesty. I attribute these values that I use in my everyday business to the scientific method.


As a scientist, I had to make sure that my approach was accurate, that my measurements were precise and that my equipment was as accurate as possible. This made sure my data was as reliable as possible.


The next one is efficiency, that’s one of my favourites. How can I maximise my output and save time? Be more efficient. Throughout my PhD research, I was always looking at ways to improve my efficiency by asking myself questions about routine tasks like ‘can I run multiple experiments in tandem rather than in series?’ And ‘can I perform other tasks while my experiment is running?’


Consistency is important too. To prove your hypothesis true, you must perform your experiments at least 3 times with all test conditions remaining the same each time. That’s consistency and that also ties in with accuracy and efficiency. If your experiments aren’t consistent then the data won’t be accurate and your sure enough not to be efficient.

Attention to detail

Then there’s attention to detail, making sure that you are thorough in your methodology. As a scientist, I learnt to be quite meticulous in that respect making sure that experimental conditions were unchanged, that experimental data were analysed using the most precise techniques and that my results were communicated across in the most unequivocal manner.

Intellectual honesty

Finally, there’s a certain pride in reporting your findings with the utmost integrity and honesty. After all, the point of science is to discover new knowledge oftentimes using existing information to make that discovery. So, it’s absolutely vital that the information used is reliable, otherwise, we may not have made those all-important discoveries, cures and technologies that have made our society so great.

Final remarks on my values

Personally, I have a fascination for learning new things, acquiring new knowledge and developing new skills. So technically, I’ve never stopped being a student. We will always remain, to a certain extent, students of someone or something, so why not embrace it? I believe the scientific method is just a tool to solve problems in life and can be used outside the field of science, I do it all the time. After all, my view of science is that it’s the pursuit of truth and isn’t that what all disciplines have in common? Give it a try.

What do you think?

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The origin of my values
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